Modular Classrooms & School Buildings Brick, NJ

Modular Classrooms & School Buildings Brick, NJ

If you’re looking for the most cost-effective, efficient way to handle your ever-increasing space needs, you should seriously consider modular classrooms and school buildings in Brick, NJ from Modular Genius. We have won several industry awards for our innovative design, construction and manufacturing methods, and we’re also passionate about ensuring complete client satisfaction. When you choose us, you’ll be able to do so with complete confidence.

The Case for Modular Buildings

You might have seen modular buildings in the past. You might have even attended classes in one yourself. If your only memory is that of an ugly, functional box, you’re not alone. But modular construction technology has advanced exponentially since then. They are now so beautiful that they’re virtually indistinguishable from structures built through conventional means. We can either design a building that blends in with the others on your property, or we can provide you with a structure that stands out as unique. 

Since we have manufacturing facilities throughout the country, we can deliver your building on your timetable. In fact, we typically complete our structures – and install them – in as little as 90 days. That’s unheard of in traditional construction. Your faculty members and students won’t have to endure the distractions of a construction job, and you won’t have to worry about weather delays setting your project back for weeks.

Here are just a few of the many, many other advantages that modular buildings provide versus conventional construction.

  • You’ll receive your building in a fraction of the time it takes for traditional construction.
  • You could save anywhere from 20-40 percent.
  • You’ll know exactly when your building will arrive. 
  • Once installation is complete, it will be ready to use immediately.
  • Modular buildings offer a nearly unlimited number of styles and designs.
  • You’ll be able to easily disassemble and relocate your building should the need ever arise.
  • Modular structures are resistant to mold as well as fire.
  • Our structures are made of the same quality materials as those made through conventional construction. They also meet the most stringent industry standards, and also meet or exceed all local and state building codes.

How School Districts Use Modular Structures

If you can think of an application for a modular building, there’s a very good chance we’ve manufactured one for that exact purpose. You may need a structure for a classroom, of course. But you might be looking for a science lab, a library, administrative offices, or even a gym or a cafeteria. No matter how you plan on using your structure, we’ll be ready to deliver one that will be a perfect fit for your needs.

How Much Will You Pay?

Again, modular structures can cost as much as 40 percent less than building from the ground up. The cost of your building will depend on several different factors. These include the complexity of your design, the amount of work that needs to be done to prepare the site, and more.

In general, however, your building will cost between $50 to $200 or more per square foot. You can use our Building Calculator to get a more specific idea.

A friendly Modular Genius expert is standing by to tell you more about modular classrooms and school buildings in Brick, NJ. Just contact us online or call (888) 420-1113 whenever you like.