Modular Classrooms New Jersey

Modular Classrooms New Jersey

Modular classrooms in New Jersey are a cost-effective, durable – and just plain smart – alternative for school districts looking to cut costs. But just because you’re turning to modular construction to meet your budgetary and student overcrowding needs, that doesn’t means you’ll ever have to sacrifice quality. Modular Genius manufactures modular buildings that meet the highest industry standards, and are just as durable as their traditionally constructed counterparts.

Modular Buildings 101

Modular buildings, per their name, are constructed using pre-built modules. Modular Genius manufactures all of our modules at our own climate-controlled facilities. We then transport them by truck to our client’s site.

This offers a major advantage when compared to site-built construction. The typical construction project is basically at the mercy of the weather. If it rains for an extended period of time, or other inclement conditions prevail for weeks, that can lead to significant delays. School districts can’t afford delays – and they never have to when they turn to us.

After we manufacture all the components of our modular buildings, we then send technicians to the site to perform the installation. Prior to this, other Modular Genius technicians will already have prepared the site. Once installation is complete, our buildings will be ready for immediate occupancy.

School district officials opt for modular construction on a regular basis because modular buildings are incredibly flexible. No matter what kind of application you can imagine, a modular structure will fit it perfectly. Our buildings are routinely used as far more than just classrooms. They also serve as science labs gymnasiums, media centers, administrative facilities, cafeterias and more.

Examples of Our Work for School Districts

Here are just two of the many examples of work we’ve performed for school districts.

Barrie School

This school, located in Silver Spring, MD, needed some very specific features. Officials wanted spaces with walls that could be easily relocated, as well as a large number of windows. They also wanted the ceilings to be taller than found in the traditional classroom. Not only were we able to fulfill all of those needs, we were also able to do so on the district’s timeframe.

We were able to design a solution that was a perfect fit – two buildings that encompassed more than 7,000 square feet. The buildings also contained sustainable materials, were extremely energy efficient, and provided the highest quality of indoor air.

Even better, we met their needs without causing the noise and other distractions that are typically part of a traditional construction project.

Swift Elementary

Swift Elementary is located in Egg Harbor Township, NJ. For years, the school had been saddled with old-time portable buildings that were starting to show their age. Modular Genius delivered them a beautiful, durable building that was 3,000 square feet. It was used for not only administrative offices, but also guidance offices and after-school programs.

The building was affordable, and also designed in a way that blended in with the other buildings already on the campus. We also delivered it in 30 percent of the time it would have taken to build a structure from the ground up.

Please get in touch with Modular Genius to explore all of the possibilities offered by modular classrooms in New Jersey. You can give us a call at (888) 420-1113 or contact us online.