Modular Classrooms Maryland

Modular Classrooms Maryland

If you haven’t considered modular classrooms in Maryland for your campus, then it might be time to do just that. Modular structures from Modular Genius could be the perfect solution if your district is facing a budget crunch, or you’re having to deal with overcrowding. Modular buildings provide a comfortable, stimulating environment for students, and they’re built to last for more than a half a century – as long as they’re properly maintained. There are so many advantages associated with modular structures, you might wonder why you didn’t explore this option before.

How Modular Buildings Have Advanced

You may not think modular structures would be the best option for your campus because you may have attended class in one yourself. You might remember going to class in nothing more than a functional box that was not only sterile, but also, well, ugly. Those days are long gone. Today’s buildings are not only durable, they’re also beautiful – available in a nearly limitless range of designs and styles. We can manufacture a building that either blends in perfectly with the other buildings on your campus, or one that stands out as a unique addition.

School districts are regularly adopting new methods of educating students. In many instances, district officials want learning spaces that are flexible and open, promoting better interactions between teachers and students. Modular structures are perfect for this approach. We can provide you a building that we can configure in just about any way you want. We’ll deliver a structure that will meet all of your educational needs, and do so at a price you might not have imagined was even possible.

Why Turn to Us?

Over the decades, modular construction has grown by leaps and bounds – and Modular Genius has been at the forefront of those advances. When you work with us, we’ll take care of everything. We’ll design your building, manufacture it, and then transport it to your campus. While that’s happening, we’ll prepare the site with minimal disruption. Your structure will be ready for immediate use as soon as installation is complete.

The installation process will be very efficient and fast. We’ll put the building in place, and then add all connections for the heating and cooling system, electrical system and plumbing system. These are just some of the many services we provide.

  • Interior and exterior finishing
  • Landscaping and paving
  • Door, hardware, masonry and window installation
  • Installation of ADA-compliant ramps and steps
  • And much, much more

Every person associated with Modular Genius is passionate about delivering total customer satisfaction with every project we complete. Our manufacturers, installers, engineers, designers and project managers are the best in the industry. We’re ready to put our passion, knowledge and skill to work for you.

The Benefits of Modular Construction

When you consider all the advantages of modular structures, it’s very likely you’ll never turn to traditional construction again. Here are just a few of those advantages.

  • Modular construction often takes half the time of conventional construction.
  • Modular structures cost anywhere from 20-40 percent less than building a structure from the ground up.
  • Traditional construction creates major noise distractions, and significant inconvenience. Modular construction does neither.

Please get in touch with Modular Genius if you would like to learn more about modular classrooms in Maryland. Use our online contact form or call (888) 420-1113 for more information.