Modular Classrooms for Education

Modular Classrooms for Education

When the number of students exceeds the planned capacity of your classrooms or other education buildings, consider the value of new or used modular classrooms.

Modular Genius, located in Joppa, Maryland, provides a design-to-occupancy turnkey modular solution for every educational space requirement you can imagine. We can also serve as general contractor for architectural renderings to foundations and site preparation to final paving and landscaping.

Our modular buildings enable schools, daycare centers and corporate trainers to add portable or permanent classrooms, computer and science labs, libraries, media centers, daycare facilities, gymnasiums and bookstores, and are also well-suited to companies in need of temporary employee training centers or call centers.

The advantages of modular construction include:

  • 40% to 50% faster delivery of ready-to-use space
  • 20% less expensive than conventional construction
  • Unlimited designs and styles
  • Occupancy date is certain
  • Superior durability and quality compared to site-built buildings
  • Expandable and relocatable
  • Enhanced efficiency for energy and water usage
  • Fire-resistant and mold-resistant
  • Requires minimal site preparation
  • Meet or exceed all state and local building codes

Many modular building projects can be manufactured and installed in under 90 days, which is ideal for schools that want to finish construction during school breaks or summer vacation. In addition, prefabricated school buildings can be easily reconfigured and repurposed or moved to another location when necessary, an option that is not available with traditional stick-built structures.

Modular construction also complies with the highest green building standards, including LEED® certification, incorporating better indoor air quality controls, better sealing to reduce heating and cooling costs, and better use of natural light.

Examples of Our Work in Education

Modular Genius’ innovative modular 7,200 square foot Barrie School research and learning studio in Silver Spring, MD, for example, was designed with tall ceilings, moveable walls and lots of windows, and can be converted into large and small learning spaces or to a large lecture room, as needed. It was built from reclaimed materials and recycled post-consumer products, and features an elaborate waste water management system.

We were also honored with a First Place award from the Modular Building Institute in the category of “Relocatable: Modular Office: under 5,000 SF” for the modular administrative offices we designed and constructed for Frelinghuysen Middle School in New Jersey, which incorporated private offices, break rooms and restrooms.

Evergreen Elementary School was originally designed with environmentally friendly features and awarded LEED “gold” status in October 2010. It was important that new portable expansion classrooms also incorporate green features. Modular Genius utilized custom sized windows to match the innovative school, installed waterless urinals, a white rubber roof to reflect sunlight, and a CS 2000 energy management system to reduce energy consumption. This project received an Award of Distinction from the Modular Building Institute.

Contact Modular Genius at (888) 420-1113 to save money on modular classrooms for education and expand your capabilities without sacrificing design, usefulness, and quality.