Modular Church Buildings Maryland

Modular Church Buildings Maryland

Religious organizations routinely turn to Modular Genius for modular church buildings in Maryland. They do this because they know we will deliver a structure made of the highest quality materials, and they’ll receive it much faster than through traditional construction. Even better, our modular structures cost at least 20 percent less than stick-built buildings. If you are facing budgetary constraints, a prefabricated structure may be the perfect solution for your growing congregation.

About Modular Genius

Modular Genius is proud to call Joppa, MD home. We are an innovative company that has won many industry awards for our work. We’ve been at the forefront of advances in modular construction, helping it evolve from box-like structures to buildings that are not only cost-effective, but also beautiful and durable.

In addition to churches, customers have used our buildings for a wide range of uses. These include:

  • Healthcare facilities
  • Construction sites
  • Temporary and permanent classrooms
  • Daycare facilities
  • Governmental facilities

Why Modular Construction?

There are a lot of reasons why you should consider a modular building for your space needs. Here are some of the more important ones.

  • Cost effectiveness/timeliness – When compared to building a structure from scratch, modular is the clear choice. You could save as much as 40 percent – a huge amount of money. In addition, you’ll shave 50 percent off the time it takes for your building to be ready for occupancy.
  • Convenience – Church activities, of course, don’t just happen on Sunday morning. They take place morning, noon and night, and they occur throughout the week. Construction through traditional means creates a great deal of noise that can cause major distractions. In many cases, construction zones can even pose injury hazards. Modular Genius takes care of 90 percent of the manufacturing process at our own facilities, minimizing disruption as a result.
  • Quality – When you turn to Modular Genius, you can rest assured that we go to great pains to insure we manufacture the highest quality mobile structures possible. We make precise measurements, and only use durable, reliable materials. When properly maintained, our buildings can last anywhere from 25 to 50 years or even longer.
  • Design flexibility – Modular Genius uses sophisticated software to provide our customers with a wide range of design options. Your building can be made to match other structures on your property, or can stand out on their own as a unique addition.
  • Sustainability – We also go to great lengths to produce buildings that are friendly to the environment. Our buildings are manufactured in a way that produces very low environmental impacts.

How Much Will You Pay?

As important as durability and aesthetics are, your main concern may very well be cost.

One of the factors that will help determine how much you will pay includes the site on which the structure will sit. The more work needed to prepare the site, the higher the price.

If your building will be on flat ground that doesn’t have a lot of debris, that will, of course, make it easier for us to perform our prep work. If you have property that is filled with debris, rocky, or in an area that is at a high risk for flooding, it will take more time to prep the site.

Our Building Calculator can give you a good estimate of how much your structure will cost.

We would love to answer any of your questions regarding modular church buildings in Maryland. Please contact Modular Genius online or call 888-420-1113.