Modular Buildings

Modular Buildings

Today’s modular buildings are hard to distinguish from their stick-built counterparts.  If you have a vision for a new commercial, institutional, or government building but lack the resources to execute it, Modular Genius can help you overcome this obstacle.

Modular Genius, Inc., located in Joppa, Maryland, provides design-to-occupancy turnkey solutions for permanent and temporary use commercial modular buildings for education, office, healthcare, assembly, daycare, and government. We can also serve as general contractor for everything from architectural renderings to foundations and site preparation to final paving and landscaping.

Is Modular Construction the Right Choice for You?

Cost/Time Savings – The modular building process will lower your design and construction costs by 20% to 40% and can cut the total construction timeline in half. “Modules” are manufactured off-site in a factory, then transported by truck to the prepared construction site, where they are dropped into place by crane, shaving months off of the entire process.

Quality Control – The modular construction process is very precise, using accurate measurements to minimize waste and conducting regular quality inspections throughout. Materials are carefully monitored and safely and securely stored, something that’s not easy to do on an exposed jobsite.

Innovative Design Capability – Built of steel, concrete, and wood, like conventional buildings, modular buildings can be designed to blend aesthetically with existing nearby structures. State-of-the-art 3-D and 4-D design capabilities make them suitable for a wide range of uses, both relocatable and permanent.

Longevity & Durability – Modular buildings must meet the same quality and function requirements that site-built structures are expected to meet and must adhere to the same building and occupancy codes. With proper care, temporary modular buildings have a service life of at least 25 to 30 years, after which the components can be repurposed or recycled. With proper care, permanent modular buildings have a lifespan of at least 50 years.

Sustainable – Relocatable modular buildings can be enhanced with eco-friendly insulation, energy-efficient utilities and low-VOC or no-VOC floor and wall treatments to reduce the building’s environmental impact. High-performance products, such as dual pane windows, acrylic skylights, motion-controlled light fixtures, sealed lightweight concrete floors, and sprayed polyurethane roofs can be incorporated to help reduce the project’s carbon footprint.

How Much Do Modular Buildings Cost?

Modular building prices will vary by region, but generally range from $50 to more than $200 per square foot depending on the grade (base, mid-grade, premium, elite) and whether you choose wood or steel frame construction. The overall cost, on average, is 20% lower than that of a conventional stick-built building.

Your building site will also play a role. The more prep work that’s required, the more expensive your project will be. Sites that are relatively flat and debris-free are easier and quicker to prep and less expensive. Sites that are sloping, prone to flooding, rocky, or covered in debris, will require more labor and time, and the price will be higher.

Try the Modular Genius Building Calculator to estimate the cost of the modular building(s) you have in mind. You will receive a floor plan, specifications, price quote and a design brochure via email in 60 seconds.

Get in touch with Modular Genius today at 888-420-1113. Whether you have a short-term, long-term, or permanent need for additional space, modular buildings are available to suit your project and budget.