Modular Buildings Winston-Salem, NC

Modular Buildings Winston-Salem, NC

Modular buildings in Winston-Salem, NC, are much more beautiful than before. It wasn’t that long ago that most modular structures were fairly non-descript boxes that were functional but not much else. Thanks mainly to Modular Genius’s innovations, modular structures can be made in an incredible array of styles and finishes. We can provide you with a structure that will blend in perfectly with other buildings on your property, or we can manufacture one that stands out as unique. 

A Wide Array of Uses

Clients use modular structures from Modular Genius in many, many different ways. Here’s just a brief sample.

Modular School Buildings

Student overcrowding has been an issue for school districts throughout the country for decades. Districts have regularly turned to modular construction to help solve this problem. You might have attended classes yourself in a modular building, but you probably don’t remember a lot about that structure. If that’s the case, you’re not alone. 

But today’s buildings aren’t anything like those ugly boxes of the past. We can make yours look nearly any way you want. In addition, your modular structure will be built to handle the elements. It has to be durable – not only to comply with local and national building codes but also because of how they’re transported. 

We place our modules on trucks and then deliver them to the installation site. This means they have to withstand fierce winds along the way. You can rest assured that your structure will withstand whatever the elements dish out.

Modular Construction Offices

When you think of a construction site, the first thing that comes to mind is heavy machinery. The next thing might be a demanding environment, exposed to ever-changing weather conditions.

Construction sites are often located in demanding environments, so the offices have to be up to those challenges. Modular structures fit that bill. Companies routinely turn to Modular Genius because they know our buildings can hold up over time. Our buildings serve as planning offices, breakrooms for workers, and even cafeterias and sleeping quarters.

One of the many advantages of modular structures is that they can be disassembled and moved to another location. Construction companies will often re-use their modular buildings at other job sites. 

Modular Correctional Facilities

Modular Genius has been at the forefront of advances in the modular industry, and organizations turn to us on a regular basis because they know we deliver quality and function. Modular buildings serve as correctional facilities for police and sheriff’s departments across the United States. They’re also used as boot camps, probation facilities, and more. 

The Benefits of Modular Construction

There are many reasons why you should seriously consider a modular building to meet your expansion needs. The first is affordability. You could save as much as 40 percent by choosing a modular structure rather than building from the ground up.

Another reason is that modular structures can be rapidly manufactured and deployed. We will typically deliver a modular building within 90 days – that’s a fraction of the time it takes for a traditional construction project.

We would love to tell you more about the benefits of modular buildings in Winston-Salem, NC. Don’t hesitate to contact Modular Genius online or call (888) 420-1113. We look forward to hearing from you.