Modular Buildings Norfolk, VA

Modular Buildings Norfolk, VA

Modular buildings in Norfolk, VA are prefabricated structures put together in a factory. That might sound pretty generic, but Modular Genius buildings are much, much more. We offer a virtually unlimited variety of designs, a wide range of materials, and we have a team of experts who provide unsurpassed service. Regardless of the way you intend to use your structure, we’ll have something that will be a perfect fit for your exact needs.

A Tradition of Excellence

For years, Modular Genius has been recognized as one of the true leaders in modular construction. We’ve been honored to receive a significant amount of industry recognition, including many awards from the Modular Building Institute.

But you don’t care about accolades – you care about results. Modular Genius delivers those results time and time again. We can meet your timelines, as well as your budget. Our processes are designed to maximize efficiency, so we can provide you with a building in as much as half the time it would take to build a structure from the ground up.

We can also handle any size of project you may need, ranging from a single building to a multi-story complex.

The Many Reasons You Should Turn to Modular Construction

One of the biggest reasons to consider modular construction rather than traditional construction is, of course, cost. We can provide you with a durable, beautiful structure at as much as 40 percent of the price of conventional construction. You also won’t have to deal with distractions, such as noise. You also won’t have to worry about potential safety hazards.

Here are just some of the many, many other advantages of modular construction.

  • You can choose from a basically limitless number of styles and designs.
  • We can make you a structure that will be perfect for any type of site, any type of environment, and any application.
  • Modular Genius will take care of all site preparation with minimal disruption to your normal operations.
  • If your needs should ever change, you can easily repurpose your modular structure to meet those needs. You can even relocate your building should that ever become necessary.
  • All of our structures are built of rugged, quality materials, and either meet or exceed all governmental building codes. They also conform to the same stringent standards as structures built through traditional methods.
  • If properly maintained, your modular building will last anywhere from 30-60 years, or possibly even longer.
  • We also have a wide selection of used buildings to from which to choose.

The Applications are Only Limited to the Imagination

Modular Genius can provide you with a structure that will fit just about any kind of use imaginable. Here’s just a small sample of possibilities.

  • Healthcare – Clients have used our buildings for clinics, medical and dental offices, imaging facilities, testing labs and more.
  • Schools – School districts regularly use modular structures in many ways. These include classrooms, of course, but also science labs, libraries, administrative offices, and even lunchrooms and gyms.
  • Government – When the U.S. government uses modular structures for high security applications, you know modular technology has come a long way. Our buildings can be made in a way that conform to Department of Defense anti-terrorism standards.

These just scratch the surface of the many, many uses of modular buildings in Norfolk, VA. Learn more by contacting Modular Genius online or by calling (888) 420-1113.