Modular Buildings Huntington, WV

Modular Buildings Huntington, WV

There are a lot of modular buildings in Huntington, WV. You might not have noticed, because they look like most of the other structures in town. That’s just one of the reasons why modular buildings are more popular than ever before. At Modular Genius, we can design a building that looks exactly like the others you already have, or we can make one that stands out as 100 percent unique.

Let Your Imagination Run Wild

Really, the design possibilities afforded by modular buildings is basically unlimited. If you can imagine a specific design, there’s a very good chance Modular Genius can bring your vision to life. We’ve built single-story structures as well as multi-story office complexes – complete with stairwells and even elevators. There’s no challenge that we’re not ready to take on – we invite you to put us to the test to find out for yourself.

Why Turn to Modular Construction?

Do you need more space to accommodate student overcrowding in your school system? Has your church added so many new members that you need a larger building to hold them on Sundays? Has your medical practice taken off to the point to where you need to expand? No matter what the reason why you need to take care of space issues, modular construction can be the answer.

These are just some of the many reasons why you should turn to modular construction rather than build a structure from the ground up.

  • Quality and durability – If you think a modular building simply couldn’t hold up to the elements as well as a traditional structure, think again. Modular structures are manufactured to the same demanding industry codes are those built through conventional means. Modular Genius structures have to be able to handle extreme weather, simply because of the way we transport our buildings to an installation site. We put sections on trucks, so that means our buildings have to withstand incredibly strong winds. Modular structures can last 60 years or longer when properly maintained.
  • Timeframe – You would probably have to wait several months before a newly constructed building would be ready to use. Modular buildings can be ready in a fraction of the time. We can take care of the entire design, manufacturing and installation process in as little as 90 days. Once the structure is installed, it will be ready for immediate occupancy.
  • Flexibility – Modular structures can fit whatever needs you may have. Our buildings have been used as fire stations, retail stores, medical offices, school cafeterias, press boxes and more.
  • Affordability – Building a structure from the ground up is an incredibly expensive proposition. If you went with modular construction instead, you’d save anywhere from 20-40 percent of the cost. You also won’t have to deal with any of the distractions conventional construction can cause. This means no noise or any other frustrations. We take care of 90 percent of the manufacturing process in our own facilities, and we’ll be preparing your site at the same time in a very non-invasive manner.

Contact Modular Genius

Please don’t hesitate to contact Modular Genius for more information on modular buildings in Huntington, WV. You can give us a call at 888-420-1113, or you can use our convenient online form. We look forward to showing you all of the possibilities provided by modular construction.