Modular Buildings for Schools in Virginia

Modular Buildings for Schools in Virginia

Modular buildings for schools in Virginia could be the perfect answer to your student overcrowding issues. Whether you’re looking for something on a temporary or a permanent basis, Modular Genius has just what you need. You can choose from a nearly unlimited range of design options, and you’ll receive your building in as little as 90 days. We’ll not only meet your schedule, but we’ll meet your budgetary limitations as well.

You’ve no doubt seen modular school buildings for years. They’ve been a staple of schools across the country for decades. But the technology behind them has changed dramatically. As a result, it’s very hard for the untrained eye to spot the difference between a modular building and a so-called “design-build” structure built from the ground up.

Modular Genius has been at the forefront of modular structure innovation for more than a decade. In fact, we’ve been honored with numerous industry awards for the quality of projects we’ve performed throughout the United States. When you turn to us, you can do so with complete confidence.

Why Go Modular for Your School’s Needs?

It really doesn’t matter what kind of use you may have for a modular structure – it will be up to the task. While most people associate modular buildings with classrooms, they can serve many other purposes as well. You can, for instance, use a modular structure as a library, or a science lab or administrative building. If you need a new gymnasium or a cafeteria, a modular building will be a great choice as well.

When you choose Modular Genius, you can expect the very best turnkey services in the modular industry. All you’ll need to do is to choose your design and we’ll take care of the rest. These are just a few of the services you’ll be able to expect.

  • Architectural renderings
  • Site preparation
  • Manufacturing of all internal and external components
  • Landscaping and paving
  • Steps and ramps
  • Masonry
  • Windows and doors
  • And much more

Is a Temporary or Permanent Modular Building Best for You?

One of the best things about modular structures is that they can be temporary or permanent. Either way, you can’t really go wrong.

There are a lot of factors that will go into determining which option is best for your specific situation. This will obviously include your budget, as well as the architectural style you prefer. Your long-term needs will, of course, play a role as well.

Just because a building is labeled “temporary,” however, that in no way means you’ll be sacrificing anything when it comes to quality. Even a temporary modular structure can last at least 30 years if it is properly maintained. But you can easily dismantle a temporary building and relocate it to another part of your property – or another location entirely – if necessary.

The biggest difference between a temporary and permanent modular building concerns how it’s attached to a property. A temporary building is not usually affixed to the ground. Rather, it is anchored to a concrete pier foundation.

A permanent modular structure, on the other hand, is typically made of wood or concrete and steel framing. It usually includes concrete floors, site-built roofs, stairwells (and even elevators in some cases) and more.

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