Modular Buildings for Schools in Pennsylvania

Modular Buildings for Schools in Pennsylvania

Modular buildings for schools in Pennsylvania have been around for decades, of course. There’s actually a fairly good chance you attended classes in one yourself, whether it was in elementary school or any other level. If your first reaction when you think of a modular structure is an ugly, functional box, the team at Modular Genius would like to show you how much the industry has advanced in the last few years. Once you see how beautiful and durable these structures are, you’ll be amazed.

The Many Reasons to Turn to Modular Construction

Student overcrowding has always been an issue, and it will probably continue to be one for the foreseeable future. If this issue is affecting your school district, then it might be time to turn to modular construction. These are just some of the reasons why.

  • Affordability – If your school district has a tight budget – and just about every district in the U.S. faces this issue at one time or another – modular construction offers incredible cost-effectiveness. In most cases, modular buildings cost at least 20 percent less then constructing a structure from the ground up.
  • Timeliness – Another area in which modular construction shines is time-to-occupancy. In many instances, Modular Genius can have a structure ready to use in as little as 90 days. This is a fraction of the time it takes for traditional construction. We synchronize on-site preparation with manufacturing, so that once your building arrives it can be installed in no time.
  • Quality of materials – Modular structures have come a long way in just the last few years. They can be made in a way that makes then virtually indistinguishable from traditional buildings. But modular buildings aren’t just beautiful – they’re also built for the long haul. They contain the same or better materials, and they’re actually built to more stringent tolerances. Modular structures have to be manufactured to withstand extremely strong winds, since they’re loaded onto trucks and transported to the installation site.
  • Virtually unlimited design options – The façade of a modular building is available in an astonishingly large variety of options. You can choose from siding, brick, stucco, cut stone, or just about any other finish you can imagine. Modular Genius can provide you with a building that blends in perfectly with others on your campus, or design a structure that stands out on its own.
  • Energy savings – Advances in technology have made it possible to manufacture modular structures in a way that helps users save money on their monthly energy bills. They are also resistant to mold as well as fire. All of our buildings come with eco-friendly insulation, energy-efficient utilities, and much more.
  • Non-intrusive – If you’ve ever had a building constructed on your campus, you know how much of a distraction the process can be. Loud noises make it very hard for teachers and students alike to concentrate. But that won’t be an issue with a modular building. We handle about 90 percent of the manufacturing process at our own facility. All we will do on your property is prepare the site, and then install your building.

Take Advantage of an Incredible Opportunity

The professionals with Modular Genius will be ready when you want to know more about modular buildings for schools in Pennsylvania. You can call Modular Genius at (888) 420-1113 to get in touch, or you can use our online form.