Modular Buildings for School Computer Labs


Modular Buildings for School Computer Labs

When school districts order modular buildings for school computer labs, administrators often have many questions. That’s understandable because they want to know what they’re getting and what to expect once they decide on their structure. The experts with Modular Genius are ready to answer all your questions and tell you how the process typically works. 

What to Expect When You Order a Modular Building

When ordering a modular building, there are several things to expect regarding the process, timeline, and final product. While your specific experience might differ, here’s a general look at how the process typically works.

The Beginning

First, ordering a modular building begins with a consultation with a modular building provider. During this consultation, you’ll discuss your needs, budget, and specific requirements for your new structure. A Modular Genius representative will provide you with a quote and design options for your building.

Once you have chosen a design, our team of professionals begins obtaining the necessary permits and approvals for the building. The time it takes to do so will depend on several factors, including the location and requirements of your structure. We’ll be able to give you specifics when you get in touch.

Putting it Together

After the permits and approvals have been obtained, Modular Genius will begin the manufacturing process. Since we perform this work in climate-controlled facilities, your project won’t be at the mercy of the weather. The same can’t be said for traditional construction.

The time it takes to manufacture your structure will depend on its size and complexity. During this time, you’ll be able to make any adjustments or changes to the building design as long as they are feasible.

Bringing it Home

Once we manufacture the building, we transport it to the installation site. We’ll schedule the installation at a time that is convenient for you.

A lot of people wonder just how durable modular structures are. We use cranes to place our buildings on flatbed trucks, taking them to the client’s property. These structures have to withstand fierce winds during transportation, so you can rest assured yours will be able to stand up to the elements.

After the building is installed, Modular Genius professionals will conduct a final walk-through to ensure that everything is to your satisfaction. Any necessary touch-ups or final adjustments will be made at this time.

Regarding the final product, you can expect a high-quality, durable structure that meets all relevant building codes and safety standards. The building will be designed to be energy-efficient and will be equipped with features such as energy-efficient windows, insulation, and HVAC systems that can lower energy consumption. The building will also be designed to meet your specific needs and include any custom features you have requested.

It is important to note that the timeline and process may vary depending on the specific requirements of the building. But Modular Genius professionals will work closely with you to ensure that the building is delivered on time and to your satisfaction.

Learn more about modular buildings for school computer labs by contacting Modular Genius online or calling 888-420-1113 whenever you like.