Modular Buildings Fayetteville, NC

Modular Buildings Fayetteville, NC

Once you realize the benefits of modular buildings in Fayetteville, NC, you might want to consider this type of structure for your correctional facility. Sheriff’s departments and police departments have used modular buildings for years as detention centers. They also serve as boot camps, probation facilities, and much more. Modular Genius can provide you with a building that will be durable and offer unsurpassed security and safety. 

Modular Genius has been at the forefront of industry innovations for years, and we’ve been honored with several awards from the Modular Building Institute. Not only have we delivered structures to every branch of the U.S. military, but our buildings also serve as medical centers, testing facilities, man camps, and more.

Corrections Applications

The uses of modular structures in law enforcement are nearly unlimited. Our buildings can not only be used as holding cells but also weapons and evidence rooms, interrogation facilities, and administrative space. We can provide you with a permanent or relocatable structure that contains reception and booking areas and a roll call area.

Here’s a quick look at some of the corrections applications we offer.

  • County jails
  • Receiving cells
  • Multi-bed dorms
  • Guard towers
  • Minimum- and medium-security structures
  • Locker and shower facilities
  • Dining halls
  • Probation facilities
  • Housing for temporary inmates
  • Military and federal prisons
  • And many others

Of course, safety and security are the top priorities when planning any sort of correctional facility. Modular buildings are rugged enough to ensure both. Our manufacturing methods meet the requirements for SAPF (Special Access Program Facilities) and SCIF (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities) in acoustics controls, security, and electronics systems, access and visual controls, as well as physical hardening and security.

How the Construction Process Works

You could, of course, choose to build from the ground up to meet your expansion needs. But the typical construction project is at the mercy of the elements. Even two or three days of heavy rain can set that project back for weeks.

Weather isn’t an issue in the Modular Genius manufacturing process. About 90 percent of that process takes place in our climate-controlled facilities. We handle all engineering and planning to your exact specifications, and we can also design a floor plan that includes whatever options and features you want.

While we’re putting your structure together, we’ll also be working at your site, preparing it for your new building. This includes laying the foundation, installing utilities, paving, and grading the property. Once the building arrives, it will be ready for immediate use once the installation is complete.

Why Turn to Modular Construction?

There are many reasons to consider a modular structure rather than opting for traditional construction. First and foremost, modular buildings cost up to 40 percent less. Also, we can deliver a modular building in as little as 90 days.

But just because modular structures are less costly and will meet your timeframe, that in no way means you’ll be sacrificing quality. Modular buildings are made of the same sturdy materials you’ll find in so-called “stick-built” structures.

The experts with Modular Genius are standing by to tell you more about why it will be worth it to consider modular buildings in Fayetteville, NC. Contact us online or call (888) 420-1113 for more information.