Modular Buildings Elizabeth, NJ

Modular Buildings Elizabeth, NJ

There have been a lot of innovations in modular buildings in recent years, and Modular Genius has been at the forefront. Our designers, engineers, installers and other professionals have all played a role in helping us earn numerous industry awards. Our projects are the standard when it comes to modular construction, and we have satisfied customers located across the country. Look at the possibilities of modular construction and you’ll be convinced that it’s a far superior option to traditional construction in Elizabeth, NJ.

Work with the Innovators at Modular Genius

You may have had some experience with a modular building in the past. You may have worked in one, or you might have even attended classes in one. If you’re opinion of modular structures is underwhelming, that’s understandable. But modular design today is nothing like it was even a few years ago. Modular buildings are no longer just box-like, functional structures – in other words, boring. They now come in a virtually limitless amount of designs.

At Modular Genius, we count a number of different kinds of organizations and business among our clients. We’ve delivered buildings to churches, school districts, retail businesses, and even governmental agencies and healthcare companies. Not only are the designs limitless, so are the applications. A modular building can be used for just about any type of purpose you can imagine.

When you choose us, we can customize a building that will meet your exact needs. Are you looking for a structure to house imaging equipment, such as CT scanners and MRI machines? We can help. Do you need a multi-story office complex, complete with stairwells and elevators? We can help there as well.

Whether you have challenging terrain, such as hills or land that sits in a flood zone, or you have an odd-shaped, narrow lot, we’ll have a structure that will fit perfectly.

A Brief Primer on Modular Construction

Modular structures are basically prefabricated modules we build in our own facilities. We then deliver them to the site and install them. Unlike traditional construction, we take care of 90 percent of the manufacturing process in our factories. As a result, we don’t have to deal with the delays that can plague the typical construction project. Weather won’t affect your timeline.

Once the structure is transported to the site, we use a crane to lift it off of the truck and then affix it to a foundation we’ve already installed. Once the building is firmly in place, it will be ready to use almost immediately.

Modular structures can be delivered up to 50 percent faster than it takes for typical construction. But that in no way means you’ll have to sacrifice quality or durability. All of our buildings comply with the same stringent standards as those made through traditional construction. When properly maintained, modular structures can last for 40-60 years or even longer. They’ll stand up to the elements year after year, and continue to deliver reliable performance.

Learn More About Us

We would love the opportunity to tell you more about modular buildings in Elizabeth, NJ. Please contact Modular Genius online or give us a call at (888) 420-1113. We’ll be more than happy to show you all the possibilities of modular construction, and we’ll also gladly provide you with a free quote.