Modular Buildings Chesapeake, VA

Modular Buildings Chesapeake, VA

You might not think modular buildings in Chesapeake, VA would be suitable for governmental use, but they are. Modular Genius manufactures structures for the U.S. Military on a regular basis, as well as a host of federal agencies. The government turns to us because they know we deliver buildings that are made of the highest quality materials, and can be configured to meet a multitude of needs.

High-Security Structures

Our buildings can be manufactured to not only meet governmental SAPF (Special Access Program Facility) but also SCIF (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility) requirements. All of our structures can be customized to fit nearly any need imaginable, and they are also durable. If the need ever arises, our buildings can even be relocated. These are just some of the many types of ways in which you can configure our structures.

  • Workstations
  • Areas for unsecure and secure networks
  • Server areas
  • And many others

All Modular Genius structures come with turnkey services. We handle all design and manufacturing, as well as transport and installation. Our buildings are ready for immediate use once installation is complete. No matter what the scale of your project may be, or what your budget limitations may be, we’ll have a structure that will fit your needs perfectly.

SCIF Buildings

SCIF structures are critically important to the security of the United States, because they often house classified, extremely sensitive information. Much of this information comes from U.S. intelligence agencies. An SCIF structure must be built in a way that allows government officials to view and discuss information while being protected from outside surveillance.

Here are a few of the features of our modular SCIF structures.

  • They meet all governmental site-specific mission requirements. These include hardening and physical security, access control, security and electronics systems, and acoustics controls.
  • Our buildings satisfy all Federal standards regarding mission requirements, such as force and fire protection, communications and more.
  • Modular Genius can provide buildings that include pre-wiring for data communications, sound masking, bullet-resistant glass and position-monitoring hardware.
  • We can also customize a building to include exterior coatings that resist corrosion and ultraviolet radiation, windows and doors that can withstand explosions, penetration-proof locks and other security features.

Proud to Serve

Each and every professional associated with Modular Genius is extremely proud of the fat that the U.S. government has turned to us so often for modular structures. We are a certified U.S. GSA (General Services Administration) contractor (GS-07F-0124W), and we are one of the few contractors to deliver eco-friendly, energy-efficient modular structures to the government.

In addition, we have also provided modular structures to every U.S. military branch. This includes the Patuxent River Naval Air Systems Command, a U.S. Navy installation. They called Modular Genius when they needed administrative support facilities.

All of our buildings are manufactured in our own climate-controlled facilities. This increases efficiency because, unlike conventional construction projects, we’re not at the mercy of the weather. In many instances, excessive rain or other inclement conditions can lead to lengthy delays for buildings constructed through conventional means.

Learn More By Getting in Touch

As you can see, modular buildings in Chesapeake VA can meet even the most demanding challenges. Whether you’re affiliated with a government agency or not, you can benefit significantly from modular construction. Learn more by calling Modular Genius at (888) 420-1113 or by contacting us online.