Modular Buildings Charlotte, NC

Modular Buildings Charlotte, NC

If you have expansion needs but a limited budget, modular buildings in Charlotte, NC will be a fantastic option. Modular Genius experts are standing by to tell you just why this is the case. We’re the undisputed leaders in modular construction, and that has been the case for several years. You don’t have to deal with the expense, the delays, and the distractions that come with traditional construction. We can provide you with a modular structure in a fraction of the time, at a fraction of the cost, and without any annoyances or frustrations.

Modular Genius in Brief

Modular Genius is headquartered in Joppa, MD. We’ve led the revolution in the modular industry, one that has led to profound changes. It wasn’t really that long ago that modular structures were viewed as cheap and ugly. They were the absolute last resort for organizations that faced space crunches, but couldn’t afford to build “real” buildings. There’s a chance your only experience with a modular building in the past was if you attended class in a “portable.”

But times have changed dramatically. There’s really no comparison between today’s modular structures and those from the past. Thanks largely to advances in technology spearheaded by Modular Genius, modular buildings are not only more beautiful than ever, they’re also more durable than ever. In fact, it’s extremely hard for the untrained eye to even be able to tell the difference between a modular building and a so-called “stick-built” structure, one built from the ground up.

When you turn to us, you’ll never regret it. We’ll take care of each and every step of your project, from A to Z. The only thing you’ll need to do will be to decide what design or floor plan you want. After that, you’ll be able to leave everything else up to us. This is just a very quick look at the services we’ll perform on your behalf.

  • Providing you with design renderings that show you exactly how your structure will look.
  • Manufacturing the structure at one of our climate-controlled facilities.
  • Preparing the site on which the building will sit, with minimal – if any – disruption to your daily operations.
  • Taking care of any landscaping or signage that may be needed, as well as sidewalks and parking lots.
  • Transporting the building to your site, and then performing the installation.

Why You Should Consider a Modular Building

The biggest reason to “go modular,” so to speak, is that it will cost you much less money than building a structure from the ground up. You’ll save anywhere from 20-40 percent – a total that can lead to tens of thousands of dollars in savings, possibly even more.

But for many of our clients, time to occupancy is just as big a consideration. This is another area in which modular construction beats traditional construction – hands down. Conventional construction projects are routinely beset by delays, mainly due to weather. That’s not an issue with modular construction. We take care of more than 90 percent of the entire project in our own climate-controlled facilities. As a result, we can finish the average project – from start to finish – in as little as 90 days.

Learn more about modular buildings in Charlotte, NC by contacting Modular Genius online or calling (888) 420-1113. We look forward to partnering with you.