Modular Buildings Cary, NC

Modular Buildings Cary, NC

Modular buildings in Cary, NC, can serve just about any purpose imaginable. If you’re planning a new library, but have a limited budget, a modular structure from Modular Genius could be the perfect solution. We have years of experience building structures that are ultimately used as libraries – and, for that matter, nearly any other application you can conceive. We will deliver a durable, beautiful building that can last for decades and cost as much as 40 percent less than conventional construction.

About Our Company

Modular Genius is headquartered in Joppa, MD. We are a turnkey modular manufacturer, so we’ll take care of everything while you can continue to focus on your other responsibilities. Once you approve the design and floor plan, we’ll handle the rest.

We’ve manufactured buildings used in various governmental, commercial, and industrial uses. While we offer standard building plans, we can customize a layout with features that meet your specific needs. If you have a corner lot or a narrow lot, we’ll easily be able to accommodate you. In addition, we can provide you with a building even if you have a challenging environment, such as a hilly, remote area or a flood zone.

Our Previous Work

Modular Genius has a long history of providing library solutions across the country. For example, we manufactured a temporary modular structure for the Washington D.C. Public Library, which was used while the Woodbridge branch was undergoing renovations. The client wanted a building that would blend in with the houses in the immediate vicinity, and we were able to deliver. This structure features clear-span roof trusses made of steel, eliminating the need for support posts. This created much more room for patrons. In addition, the bookshelves were made in a way that allowed natural daylight to fill the structure.

We also built a structure for a visitor’s center in Baltimore that served as not only a library, but an archives room, a welcoming station, and an archeology display. It featured an 18-foot high vaulted ceiling with pendant lights that greeted guests. The windows provided ample natural light to the display and library areas.

Permanent Modular Structures

Many of our clients want structures they can use for 50, 60 years, or even longer. Permanent modular buildings can do just that, as long as they’re correctly maintained. We install our permanent structures on a full perimeter foundation, and they include excavated crawl spaces, so decking and skirting aren’t needed.

We manufacture all components of our structures in our own facilities. We include all plumbing, mechanical, and electrical fixtures, and our buildings can be made of steel, concrete, or wood – whatever your preference may be. As a result, your staff and patrons won’t have to deal with all the noise and other distractions that traditional construction projects can cause.

We’ll also be preparing your site for installation during the manufacturing process. We’ll take care of any grading work that needs to be done and lay the foundation. We can also handle sidewalk and parking lot paving, landscaping, and signage if required.

The professionals with Modular Genius would love to tell you more about why modular buildings in Cary, NC, work perfectly as libraries and just about any other application you can think of. Call (888) 420-1113 or contact us online to get in touch.