Modular Buildings for Business & Commercial Use

Modular Buildings for Business & Commercial Use

Whether you are starting a business from scratch or expanding an existing facility, add the space and capabilities you need with modular commercial buildings from Modular Genius. We can customize any portable or permanent modular building to meet the exact needs of your business.

Modular Genius is a turnkey modular building contractor. We specialize in high-quality design-to-occupancy modular construction and have the skills and knowledge to meet the small- and large-scale space requirements, deadlines and budget challenges of commercial, industrial, and governmental customers from coast to coast.

With an experienced team of designers, engineers, project managers and field superintendents, we can also serve as general contractor for all aspects of the modular construction process, handling:

  • architectural renderings
  • national, state and local building code compliance
  • civil engineering, permits and zoning services
  • site preparation, including excavation, grading and foundations
  • factory manufacturing
    • steel framing and floor decking
    • installation of mechanical, electrical and plumbing services
    • application of drywall, interior painting and flooring
    • installation of windows and doors
    • exterior hardware & trim, including stone and brick masonry
  • transportation in sections over the road to the building site by specialized carrier
  • assembly on prepared foundation and seaming together
    • completion of utility connections
    • installation of concrete/metal ramps and stairs, skirting & trim
    • sidewalk and parking lot paving
    • installation of gutters and downspouts
    • landscaping and signage
  • In-house and 3rd party licensed inspection and quality control

Modular Genius has collaborated with clients to create innovative designs for a range of commercial modular buildings, from press boxes to MRI/CT suites, and daycare facilities to retail units.

Popular Modular Business and Commercial Applications

Modular Offices & Administrative Space:  Conventional construction is expensive and time-consuming, but modular offices are a cost-effective alternative whether your needs are short term, long term, or permanent. If you’re a real estate developer, for example, a relocatable modular building will enable you to move your sales office easily from one set of new model homes to another. Modular businesses are well-suited to use as visitor centers, retail kiosks, sales offices, bank branches, executive suites, and a wide range of other applications.

MRI/CT Imaging Suites:  Today’s state-of-the-art design and construction technologies enable us to build functional and attractive modular MRI and CT buildings. They feature all proper technical requirements, such as radio frequency and magnetic shielding to accommodate MRI equipment, and lead-lined walls, doors and windows for CT scanners. 

Modular Daycare Facilities:  Between infancy and school age, children are said to spend up to 12,500 hours in child care facilities. For that reason, it’s important to design spaces that will be healthy environments and encourage a child’s creativity and development.  With modular daycare buildings, you can save an average of 20% of the cost of traditional construction.

Modular Assembly & Conference Facilities: If you plan to add on a conference room or build a church, synagogue, temple, or fellowship hall for a growing congregation, modular assembly buildings are the ideal solution. They can be simple, functional designs or elaborate showpieces. They can be configured as conference facilities, Sunday school classrooms, administrative office space, counseling centers, temporary housing, and many other uses.

Contact Modular Genius at (888) 420-1113 to explore the unlimited business and commercial use options for our modular buildings. No method of construction provides greater flexibility and savings than modular construction.