Modular Buildings Bethlehem, PA

Modular Buildings Bethlehem, PA

If you have any doubts about the durability and quality of modular buildings in Bethlehem, PA, consider the fact that Modular Genius provides these kinds of buildings to the U.S. government on a regular basis. These aren’t just temporary trailers used in front of construction sites. These are fully customizable structures that meet all Special Access Program Facility (SAPF) and Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) requirements.

Buildings Designed to Meet the Government’s Most Stringent Demands

We’ve delivered buildings complete with just about any sort of feature you could think of. These include conference areas, server areas, network facilities, workstations and much more. Our SCIF structures, for example, have been used for areas where sensitive, classified information is not only viewed and discussed, but also stored. These structures are completely protected from any kind of outside surveillance.

The design of modular buildings makes them a much more flexible option when compared to structures made through traditional construction. You can repurpose – or even relocate – your building whenever necessary, and your structure will cost a fraction of the amount it would take to construct a building from the ground up.

These are just some of the other reasons the U.S. government trusts Modular Genius.

  • Our buildings meet the highest security requirements in areas such as visual and acoustics controls, access control, electronic system security and more.
  • They also meet not only anti-terrorism standards regardless of mission, but also fire protection as well. Modular Genius structures are also built to meet stringent governmental requirements in areas such as plumbing, communications and electricity.
  • We’ve designed governmental buildings that include position-monitoring door hardware, impenetrable locks, pre-wiring for data communications, and even bullet-resistant glass.
  • Modular Genius structures can also be customized with exterior coatings that resist corrosion and damage from the sun’s ultraviolet rays.
  • We’ve provided a wide range of floor plans for governmental buildings, from as little as 320 square feet to more than 38,000 square feet.
  • Not only have we transported governmental buildings across the country, but also across the world. This is especially important in countries where there is a lack of skilled workers.

In addition to holding a contract with the U.S. General Services Administration, we’re one of the only Schedule 56 contract holders able to provide eco-friendly, energy efficient buildings. Just about every branch of the U.S. military uses Modular Genius buildings. This includes manufacturing a structure for the U.S. Navy, housed at the Patuxent River Naval Air Systems Command.

You Can Rest Assured We Can Meet Your Needs

If the U.S. government trusts us to provide them with high quality modular buildings, you can trust us as well. Whether your need a building to serve as a healthcare facility, a house of worship, a school or just about any other reason, Modular Genius should be your go-to source. We’ll manufacture a building in half the time it takes for traditional construction, and you won’t have to endure noise or any other distractions.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of modular buildings in Bethlehem, PA, the experts with Modular Genius would love to share them with you. Just give us a call at (888) 420-1113 or contact us online for more information. Get in touch with us as soon as you can so we can tell you about all we can do.