Modular Buildings Arlington, VA

Modular Buildings Arlington, VA

There are some people who are still hesitant to consider modular buildings in Arlington, VA. They may think they don’t look good, they’re not durable, or they cost too much. The experts with Modular Genius are more than ready to correct these and many other misconceptions that surround modular construction. You can get in touch at any time with any questions you may have, and we’ll be more than happy to answer them.

Clearing Up Common Modular Construction Misconceptions

You may assume that a modular building has to be boring – nothing more than a functional box that possesses no aesthetic qualities whatsoever. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. Here’s the truth regarding this and other misconceptions about modular structures.

Misconception 1: Modular Buildings Don’t Last

The truth is that modular buildings from Modular Genius contain the same rugged materials, and are built to the same exacting standards as conventionally constructed buildings. We inspect all of our structures from top to bottom in order to ensure quality, and all of our buildings comply with the same occupancy and building codes as conventional structures.

A modular building has to be durable and strong enough to withstand the elements because of the way they’re transported. We deliver our structures to the installation site via truck. They have to be able to stand up against extremely strong wind and, in many instances, rain, hail and other kinds of inclement weather. You can rest easy knowing that, with proper maintenance, your modular structure will last for 30-50 years or even longer.

Misconception 2: Modular Buildings are Ugly

There was a time that was actually true. Most modular structures were little more than functional boxes that had no character at all. But that’s no longer the case. Thanks to sophisticated technology and other innovations in manufacturing, Modular Genius can provide you with a beautiful building you’ll be proud to have on your property. You can choose from a nearly unlimited number of designs, as well as a wide variety of floor plans.

Many of our clients choose to have a modular building that fits in with the others that already stand on their land. Others would rather have a structure that stands out on its own. Whatever your preference, we’ll be able to help.

Misconception 3: Modular Buildings Cost About as Much as Traditional Construction

Even with the advances in technology, modular construction is still a much more cost-effective alternative than traditional construction. We can provide you with a beautiful, efficient and durable structure up to 50 percent less than it would take to construct a building from the ground up.

In addition to cost savings, you’ll also enjoy time savings. At Modular Genius, we take care of every aspect of the project, from design to installation. We also take care of about 90 percent of the manufacturing process at our own facilities. We’re not at the mercy of the weather, unlike conventional construction projects. We don’t delay manufacturing because of rain. As a result of this and other advantages we have, we can deliver your building in as soon as 90 days. Traditional construction takes much, much longer.

If you would like to learn more about modular buildings in Arlington, VA, please get in touch with Modular Genius. You can call us at (888) 420-1113 or contact us online.