Mobile Office Trailers for Sale

Mobile Office Trailers for Sale

Mobile office trailers for sale from Modular Genius can take care of all of your space issues. This is the case whether you’re just starting your business, or you’re looking to expand. We have years of experience in providing modular structures to a wide range of businesses, and the technology needed to customize a building to your exact specifications.

The experts with Modular Genius will take care of every phase of your project. The only thing you’ll need to do will be to pick the design and floor plan that best suits your needs – and we’ll work closely with you to make that as easy as possible. Whether you’re looking for just a small building or a completely new office complex, we’ll be able to help. We’ll also meet your deadline requirements, as well as your budgetary limitations.

How We Can Help

At Modular Genius, we have a team of engineers, field superintendents, designers and project managers who are passionate about what they do. When you work with us, we’ll be committed to your total satisfaction. Here’s a look at the many services we offer.

  • Preparing all architectural renderings
  • Making sure your building is compliant with all local, state and national codes
  • Preparing the site on which the structure will sit, including all grading, foundation and excavation work that may be necessary
  • Manufacturing the structure at one of our climate-controlled facilities
  • Floor decking
  • Steel framing
  • Installing all electrical, plumbing and mechanical systems
  • Applying flooring and drywall
  • Painting
  • Installing doors and windows
  • Taking care of all exterior trim and hardware
  • Transporting the structure to the site
  • Installation at the site
  • Completing all utility connections
  • Installing skirting and trim
  • Installation of ramps and stairs
  • Paving of sidewalks and parking lots
  • Installing downspouts and gutters
  • Signage and landscaping when applicable
  • Final inspection and quality control checks by a third party as well as our in-house experts

Just About Any Application Imaginable

The uses for modular structures are basically limited by only the imagination. Regardless of what type of business you may be in, a modular building is perfect for just about any application. Here are just a few of the many examples of how clients use the structures we provide.

  • Daycare facilities – Many children spend thousands of hours in daycare. Parents insist that their children are in strong, safe and healthy environments when they put their trust in a daycare facility. Modular buildings not only provide that healthy environment, they can also be designed in a way that stimulates the development and creativity of a child. Modular structures also cost anywhere from 20-40 percent less than building a structure from the ground up.
  • Offices and administrative space – Not only is traditional construction expensive, it’s also time consuming, and delays are to be expected. Those issues don’t apply to modular construction. We can provide you with a building in as little as 90 days, and it will be immediately ready for use once installation is complete. Whether you’re a real estate developer, the owner of a construction company, or you’re opening a retail location, a modular building will be a smart, cost-effective choice.
  • Healthcare – Doctors, dentists and other medical professionals use modular structures on a regular basis. Modular buildings also serve as imaging centers, emergency rooms and more.

Learn more about mobile office trailers for sale by contacting Modular Genius online or calling (888) 420-1113.