Mobile Office Trailer

Mobile Office Trailer

When you need instant office space, the mobile trailer provides a quick solution at a fraction of the cost of any other option. It can be used wherever you need temporary space, but can also provide a long-term solution.

Modular Genius, headquartered in Joppa, Maryland, is a leading commercial modular builder specializing in design-to-occupancy buildings that can meet the needs of businesses, hospitals and medical facilities, educational institutions, manufacturers, the military, and the government.

Our service-oriented team of designers, engineers and technicians is available to solve your space requirements efficiently and cost-effectively.

What is a Mobile Office Trailer?

Mobile office trailers are prefabricated modular units that enable you to build or expand your facility without making permanent alterations to the building site. They are typically built on an axled frame so that they can be transported to different locations when the need arises and reused.

We can also provide steps, ramps, and canopies, and convenient furniture packages to fit your space so you can be ready to work when your office trailer is delivered.

Mobile Office Applications

“Ready to roll” modular office trailers from Modular Genius are highly customizable and suitable for a wide range of applications in industries such as education, healthcare, administration, housing, hospitality, retail and military.

  • Mobile construction offices: Supervise everything on the jobsite with a mobile office trailer that can be moved from project to project. Meet with sub-contractors, review construction plans and monitor progress throughout the day. Or equip the trailer with a microwave, toaster, refrigerator and coffeemaker to give employees a relaxing place to enjoy coffee before work or lunch away from the hot sun.
  • Mobile retail offices: Mobile office trailers are a great solution when you need a temporary sales center or kiosk at a festival or special event. Incorporate window coverings, awnings, carpeting, special finishes, ramps and decking to blend with your surroundings, and install Wi-Fi and high-speed internet to finalize sales transaction on the go.
  • Mobile press offices: If you are hosting a fundraising event or an election campaign that will attract the press, a mobile office equipped with ample electricity, Wi-Fi and high-speed internet is a great solution. Reporters can check credentials, work on their reports and enjoy the company of other press. When your event is over, simply move the office to a new location.


On average, modular buildings offer cost savings of 10% to 40% and are priced to fit practically any budget. Modular Genius also has used portable office trailers and modular buildings available in many sizes, from under 1,000 SF to over 20,000 SF, which may offer greater savings. They can often be painted or sided on the exterior and reconfigured on the interior to fit your specific needs, and are available for immediate delivery.

To ensure that the pre-owned buildings we offer for sale or lease are in the best possible condition, we perform a rigorous inspection, checking for weather tightness, structural integrity, mechanical HVAC operation, and electrical and plumbing compliance.

If you are seeking a mobile office trailer for economy, efficiency, and quality, Modular Genius can help. Give us a call at (888) 420-1113 to discuss your space requirements.