How Long Does a Modular Building Last?

How Long Does a Modular Building Last?

At Modular Genius, our clients usually have two questions they’ll immediately ask – “How much does a modular building cost?,” and “How long does a modular building last?” To make a long story short, they’re usually thrilled when we give them the answers. You can have a strong, beautiful building as much as 40% less than traditional construction, and it will last as long as 60 years – possibly even longer – when properly maintained.

Your One-Stop Shop

When you turn to Modular Genius, you’ll be working with a team of skilled, passionate professionals who will be committed to your complete satisfaction. Every builder, designer, installer, field superintendent, and every other expert on our staff is among the best at what they do. We’ve won several awards from the Modular Building Industry, not only for the excellence of our work, but also our innovative design and manufacturing methods. We’ve changed the industry, and we’re extremely proud to have done so.

You won’t have to worry about a thing when you work with our company. Once you approve the design and choose a floor plan, just leave the rest to us. We’ll share the architectural renderings of your structure, and then we’ll make sure that it complies with all local, state and national codes. Our team will also handle all permitting, and then manufacture the structure inside our climate-controlled facilities. The only thing we’ll need to do on your site is to prepare it, and then install the structure.

This is a far cry from the traditional construction project, which can often lead to an incredible amount of noise and disruption. If construction is going on at a school, for instance, it can be almost impossible for students and teachers to concentrate.

That won’t be a problem when you choose Modular Genius. Not only will there be no disruption, there also won’t be any potential safety hazards to dodge. Our site preparation will be fast and efficient, whether your land has no debris, or if we have to work with rocks, trees and hilly terrain.

Our Clients

We have clients across the country, and they operate in a wide range of environments. 

For example, many of our clients are in the healthcare industry. We’ve not only provided these clients with buildings used as health clinics and administrative offices, but also testing labs, patient rooms, CT and MRI scanning facilities, and even emergency rooms.

We’ve also helped school districts throughout the nation address their space needs. They use our structures for classrooms, of course, but also gyms, cafeterias, libraries, science labs and much more.

Why do they do this? There are a lot of reasons, but cost and efficiency are at the top of the list. We can design, manufacture and install a modular structure in as little as 90 days. We can also do it, as you learned earlier, at a price that is 40% less than building from the ground up.

We’d Love to Hear from You

The professionals with Modular Genius will be glad to answer any questions you may have, whether you want to know, “How long does a modular building last?” or anything else. All you need to do is to give us a call at (888) 420-1113 or use our online contact form.