Double Wide Modular Building

Double Wide Modular Building

When it comes to finding relocatable office or classroom space, double wide modular buildings from Modular Genius can be the perfect solution. They are affordable, quick to deploy, and can be customized to meet your unique needs.

Modular Genius is an award-winning modular builder that designs, builds and installs modular solutions for every industry, from offices, to complete school campuses, to multi-story medical centers, to visitor centers and ranger stations, to government and military structures, to relocatable radio stations.

About Relocatable Modular Buildings

Although they can be customized in virtually any dimensions, relocatable modular offices/classrooms are often referred to as:

  • Single-wide: Typically, 14’ wide or less
  • Double-wide: Typically, 24’ wide by 60’ long
  • Triple-wide: Typically, 42’ wide by 60’ long

These portable modular buildings enable you to build or expand your business without making permanent alterations to the property. They are designed to be reused and can be moved to different locations when the need arises. Advantages include:

  • Quick delivery of ready-to-use space
  • Shortens time-to-occupancy by 30% to 50%
  • Minimal site preparation required
  • Reduces costs by 20% to 40% compared to stick-built construction
  • Highly customizable; unlimited number of designs and styles
  • Can be designed as single- or multi-story buildings
  • Compatible with surrounding architecture
  • Easy to move at a moment’s notice
  • Meet or exceed applicable building codes and regulations

portable modular Building Applications

Whether you have a short term, long term, or permanent need, there are portable buildings available to suit your project and budget, for example:

Education: The award-winning relocatable single-wide project – the Jean & Sidney Silber Green Education Center– was designed to LEED standards to provide flexible educational space for workshops, training programs, and community activities. The modular building was designed to be transported for exhibition at the USGBC’s Greenbuild conference in Washington, DC before being sited on the urban campus in Baltimore, MD.

Healthcare: LSU Health Sciences Center in New Orleans urgently needed a temporary healthcare clinic and had grant funding that required a quick turnaround. Modular construction allowed utilities and foundations to be constructed while the building was manufactured off-site. Designed by Modular Genius, the structure was fit symmetrically on the property and painted to match the aesthetics of the surrounding campus. The project was completed in 203 days.

Modular Genius’ ability to meet condensed schedules and accelerated deadlines and our impressive design flexibility make our modern, durable modular buildings the most practical solution for every imaginable application, from portable construction offices to elaborate man camps to modular classrooms to multi-story office buildings.

There is literally no type of building that cannot be designed and manufactured in a modular manner, and you may be surprised at the many benefits these factory-built structures offer.

Take advantage of the flexibility and savings (in time and materials) that are inherent to single-wide, double-wide and triple-wide portable modular buildings from Modular Genius. Contact us at (888) 420-1113 to get started on your innovative project today and be up and running in a few short months.