Cost of Modular Church Buildings

Cost of Modular Church Buildings

If you’re not sure that the cost of modular church buildings will be within your budget, don’t be. In fact, modular structures are much less expensive that traditional means of construction. Religious organizations across the country turn to Modular Genius to take care of their expansion needs. Our field supervisors, designers, engineers and manufacturers will handle everything – and at a price much lower than you may have imagined possible.

Reasons to Purchase a Modular Building

Has your congregation grown to a point to where you simply don’t have the space to accommodate your parishioners? If that’s the case, then you probably need a new building sooner than later. Modular Genius can deliver a structure in 90 days – at least 50 percent faster than traditional construction. Also, your costs will be anywhere from 20-40 percent less than you’d pay for building a structure from the ground up.

It really doesn’t matter what type of building you need – whether it’s a temple, a mosque a synagogue or another kind of house of worship. We will design your structure to your exact specifications, and it will be beautiful and durable. If you would rather rent a modular building than buy it, we can help you as well. Whether you rent or buy, you’ll be able to use your structure in any way you like.

These are just a few of the ways religious organizations use our buildings on a regular basis:

  • Administrative offices
  • Areas of worship
  • Cafeterias
  • Classrooms
  • Libraries
  • Restrooms
  • And several more

There’s a chance you’ll only want a modular structure for a limited amount of time. You may, for instance, have other buildings on your property that are being renovated. On the other hand, you might want several modular structures that you’ll plan on using for decades to come. Regardless of your preference, we will have the perfect solution. We’ll not only meet your design needs, we’ll also provide you a building that will comfortably fit within your budget.

Affordability and Beauty

You may have seen so-called “portable” buildings in the past and, to put it mildly, you weren’t impressed. You have every reason to have felt that way. Until recently, modular structures were little more than ugly boxes. They served their purpose, but that was about it.

But those days are a distant memory. Technological advances have made it possible to produce modular structures that are not only incredibly attractive, but also durable enough to last for 60 years or longer. They contain everything you’d need to make your congregation comfortable.

The quality of modular structures has also increased dramatically. Our buildings contain the same durable, rugged materials you’ll find in conventionally constructed buildings. In fact, our structures have to be even more durable because of the manner in which we transport them. We put our buildings on trucks. Along the way, they have to be able to withstand not only incredibly strong winds, but other weather challenges as well.

Get in Touch for More Information

The professionals with Modular Genius will be glad to tell you more about the cost of modular church buildings. If you like, you can use our Building Calculator to get a more specific idea of what you’ll pay. Please contact us by using our convenient online form, or by giving us a call at (888) 420-1113.