2-Story Modular Classroom Buildings

2-Story Modular Classroom Buildings

When the most efficient use of your property is to construct 2-story modular classroom buildings, Modular Genius, manufacturers of innovative modular solutions, can help.

Modular Genius is an award-winning modular builder headquartered in Joppa, Maryland. Thanks to today’s design and construction technologies, the modular buildings we design and manufacture for commercial, industrial, and government customers are both functional and attractive and seamlessly blend into their surroundings. 

If you have thought about a modular building but are afraid you’ll be disappointed by an unattractive boxy structure, take a look at the Modular Genius gallery of project photos to see the endless modular design possibilities. Our standard modular floor plans have single and multi-room options with and without restrooms.

We have manufacturing facilities throughout the U.S. and build modular classrooms and other modular buildings as near as possible to your location so that we can provide you with a fast turnaround. With an experienced team of project managers and field superintendents, we can also serve as general contractor for all aspects of your construction project.

Uses for Modular Classrooms

There are countless uses for modular buildings in education, including science labs, libraries, media centers, gymnasiums and bookstores. You may need to add budget-conscious administrative offices, dormitory space for students who live on campus, or a convenient daycare center. In the corporate arena, modular spaces are ideal for employee training centers, safety classes and conference centers.

If you are dealing with class-size limitations or urgently need to expand but have no budget for time-consuming, expensive design-bid-build construction, portable classrooms provide the following advantages:

  • 40% to 50% faster delivery of ready-to-use space
  • 20% less expensive than traditional construction
  • Definite occupancy date
  • Superior durability and quality compared to site-built buildings
  • Unlimited number of designs and styles
  • Flexible; add classrooms where you need them
  • Expandable and relocatable
  • Greater efficiency for energy and water usage
  • Fire-resistant and mold-resistant
  • Can be enhanced with eco-friendly insulation and no-VOC or low-VOC interior wall and floor treatments
  • Minimal site preparation required
  • Meet or exceed all state and local building codes

What Do Modular Classrooms Cost?

The cost of modular construction will depend on the size of your building, whether it will be a single-story, 2-story, or multi-story building, the quality of materials, the complexity of your design specifications, and the cost of prep work that will have to be done at the building site.

Modular classroom prices vary by region and typically range from $50 to greater than $200 per square foot depending on grade (base, mid-grade, premium, elite) and whether you choose wood frame or steel frame construction.

Try the Modular Genius Building Calculator to estimate the cost of the classroom(s) you have in mind. It asks general questions about your proposed project (use type, approximate dimensions, number of rooms needed and other pertinent details) and delivers a floor plan, specifications, price quote and a design brochure via email in 60 seconds.

Modular Genius serves school districts and corporations nationwide. As you evaluate manufacturers of 2-story modular classroom buildings, consider us for your project. Contact us today at (888) 420-1113 to learn more.