Modular Buildings Rhode Island

Modular Buildings Rhode Island

When you have an urgent need for space in Rhode Island, consider modular buildings from Modular Genius. Our modular buildings are affordable, quick to deploy, and can be customized to meet your unique needs.

Modular Genius, an award-winning, turnkey modular building general contractor, is committed to state-of-the-art construction of relocatable and permanent residential, industrial, commercial, and government modular buildings that are designed to meet or exceed state and local building codes while fulfilling your space needs.

About Rhode Island

Officially named the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, Rhode Island was one of the original 13 American colonies, The state borders Connecticut to the west, Massachusetts to the north and east, and the Atlantic Ocean to the south.

When England began to tax the American colonies, Rhode Island was one of the first colonies to renounce their allegiance to Britain in 1776. After the American Revolution, it was admitted to the Union in 1790 as the 13th state.  

During its colonial period, Rhode Island’s economy revolved primarily around fishing, toolmaking, costume jewelry, and silverware. Today, it is driven by government, healthcare services, tourism, manufacturing (e.g., submarine construction, shipbuilding, fabricated metal products), and agriculture (nursery stock, vegetables, dairy products, and eggs).

Rhode Island is home to colleges and universities that include the University of Rhode Island, Brown University, Johnson & Wales University, and Providence College.

Millions of people visit Rhode Island each year to enjoy its sandy shores and Colonial seaside towns, as well as The Breakers, Block Island, Narragansett Bay, and several national and state parks. The state’s U.S. military presence includes Naval Station Newport and Quonset Point Air National Guard Station.

Popular Modular Building Applications in Rhode Island

Virtually any imaginable design can be achieved with modular construction – from single-story buildings to multi-story complexes – that range in size from under 1,000 sq. ft. to more than 100,000 sq. ft., and feature pre-installed electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and fire suppression systems.

Business – Modular buildings are ideal for corporate offices, real estate sales offices, law offices, job site/construction offices, bank branches, executive suites, retail stores, and many other permanent and relocatable applications. Modular Genius has delivered everything from a 2,880 square foot modular administrative building for a leading U.S. aggregates and mining company, to a 3-story modular office building for a research and development healthcare company.

Education – Modular classrooms and dormitories are exceptionally flexible and remarkably cost-effective. Consider relocatable or permanent science labs, gymnasiums, libraries, media centers, and bookstores, and employee training or call centers. Modular Genius’ Barrie School research learning lab in Silver Spring, MD, was constructed with reclaimed materials and recycled post-consumer products, and features an elaborate wastewater management system.

Healthcare – When you need to solve a space crunch in the healthcare industry, modular buildings are ideal. From MRI/CT facilities to medical office space, to testing labs and patient rooms, nothing is too large or complicated. Modular Genius’ award-winning temporary healthcare clinic for the Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center was designed to match the visual aesthetics of the surrounding campus. 

Government/Military – Modular military buildings, barracks, and other buildings meet Federal government standards for all specific mission requirements. Modular Genius holds a US General Services Administration (GSA) contract, GS-07F-0124W, and offers eco-friendly and energy efficient green modular buildings and services to the federal government.

Take advantage of the flexibility and savings that are inherent to modular buildings. Call Modular Genius at (888) 420-1113 to get started on your Rhode Island project today and be operational in a few short months.

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