Modular Buildings New Jersey

Modular Buildings New Jersey

If you need more space in New Jersey and are considering modular buildings, Modular Genius will help you get the most from your limited financial resources.

Modular Genius, headquartered in Joppa, Maryland, is a turnkey modular building contractor. We specialize in high-quality design-to-occupancy modular buildings and have the knowledge and skills to meet your small- and large-scale space requirements, deadlines and budget challenges.

Our services include architectural renderings, building foundations and site preparation, doors, windows and hardware, masonry, interior and exterior finishing, paving and landscaping, ramps and steps, and other elements such as temperature and sound control and handicapped accessibility.

New Jersey History, Culture & Economy

New Jersey was once a part of New York and was known as New Netherlands. Dutch and Swedish settlers settled in the area, trading with the Lenape Indians (also known as the Delaware Nation) for beaver furs.

In 1738, New Jersey was separated from New York. It became the site for many Revolutionary War battles. In 1787, it was the 3rd state to join the Union, and Trenton was made the official capital in 1790.

Today, New Jersey’s economy is driven by chemical production, shipping, oil production, agriculture, tourism, and manufactured products such as pharmaceuticals, instruments, machinery, electrical goods, and apparel.

There are more than 600 school districts in the state and 66 institutions of higher education, including Rutgers University, Princeton University and Thomas Edison State University. The state is home to many national and state parks, including Morristown National Historical Park, Paterson Great Falls, and Thomas Edison National Historical Park.

New Jersey also has a large U.S. military presence which includes nine military bases, including McGuire Air Force Base, Fort Dix Army Base, Naval Weapons Stations Earle, and Coast Guard Training Center Cape May.

Modular Solutions

Modular buildings are a great solution for everyone from the new artist trying to make a name for themselves, to the already established business or school that is bursting at the seams.

Modular Offices – Get your New Jersey business up and running quickly, and generate revenue without waiting for the completion of a conventional construction project. Modular buildings are ideal for real estate sales offices, law offices, jobsite/ construction offices, security offices, and any other permanent or temporary office you can imagine.

Modular Classrooms – Modular education buildings from Modular Genius are effective for coping with sudden changes in enrollment or expanding a campus’ capabilities with the addition of science labs, media centers, gymnasiums, libraries, and even dormitories and residence halls. We offer an unlimited variety of designs and floor plans, and buildings can be manufactured, delivered and installed on a prepared site in a matter of weeks. 

Modular Healthcare Facilities – From digital imaging facilities to medical office space to testing labs to patient rooms, nothing is too large or difficult. Modular buildings enable medical and dental clinics, research laboratories and community hospitals to reduce costs, enjoy a higher return on investment, and accelerate construction timelines.

Modular Government & Military Facilities – Modular Genius holds a US General Services Administration (GSA) contract, GS-07F-0124W, and offers energy efficient and eco-friendly green modular buildings and services to the federal government. We have completed modular projects for every branch of the U.S. military. Modular government buildings are ideal for national park visitor centers and ranger stations, community police and sheriff departments, drug enforcement agencies, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms command centers, and more.

Modular buildings from Modular Genius can help you meet your space requirements in New Jersey. Contact us today at (888) 420-1113 to discover the possibilities.


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