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Mississippi modular buildings are available from Modular Genius. Whether your business or organization is in Jackson, Gulfport, Biloxi, Hattiesburg, Greenville, Meridian, Tupelo, or any other city or locality in Mississippi- then Modular Genius has the modular building solution for you. Please also be sure to check out our Floor Plans page.

Modular Genius is a renowned commercial modular builder, who has award winning modular buildings. The Modular Building Institute has acknowledged Modular Genius’s prominence in the modular building industry for; portable buildings, modular schools, office trailers, modular hospitals, and temporary military buildings. Modular Genius is proving themselves every day with the work accomplished, and the awards won for that work.

Mississippi is known principally for its large river, the Mississippi River. There are a lot of tourists that come not only for the water sports that occur on the Mississippi River, but also to observe the largest catfish aquaculture in the United States. That’s right; Mississippi is also the home of some of the largest catfish aquaculture farms in the United States. Due to the influx of tourists coming and going, modular construction is the way to go in handling that traffic.
Modular Genius is also capable of building state park headquarters, or administrative buildings, and with Mississippi housing Tishomingo State Park, Percy Quin State Park, and John W. Kyle State Park, there may be a future demand for these environmentally friendly modular buildings.

Modular Genius has an outstanding record in modular construction within the education industry. Being able to construct; Modular schools, mobile classroom, learning cottages, Modular dormitories, and prefabricated schools. Modular Genius is also capable of building modular daycare facilities in Mississippi for all ages. These modular education facilities in Mississippi can be used to start a new modular school, or create more space for an over populated Mississippi school district.

There is a variety of ways modular classrooms or facilities can be used within the education field in Mississippi.
Modular Genius Inc is also known for commercial modular building, and green construction. Commercial business construction includes; modular cabins, modular floor plans, modular office, and used office trailers. These modular solutions could be a financial saving grace and a smart building idea for any Mississippi business, small or large. Modular Genius is capable of building leasing centers, office buildings, small business’, and construction trailers for job sites in Mississippi.

The healthcare field in Mississippi is in great need of a modular innovation. The need for mobile laboratory, mobile medical clinics, and full modular hospital, is greater than some may suspect. Modular Genius can help with these modular needs. Used modular MRI buildings are available alone with used medical trailers on are Available Buildings site. Modular healthcare buildings are currently the way to build.

Besides providing new and used modular buildings in Mississippi, Modular Genius also serves the United States military and government agencies. The demand for mobile military buildings, modular barracks, and high performance federal buildings, is growing. Modular Genius also holds a US General Services Administration (GSA) contract, GS-07F-0124W. With this contract Modular Genius is capable of providing the United States military and government with the opportunity to get the very best modular buildings for their needs.

Local Mississippi military posts include;

  • Camp Shelby
  • Gulfport Naval Const Bn Center
  • Meridians NAS
  • Pascagoula NAS
  • Columbus Air For

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