Modular Buildings Frederick, MD

Modular Buildings Frederick, MD

Modular buildings can take a major load off your shoulders if you need more space for your business, school, medical center, or just about anything else in Frederick, MD. Modular Genius has helped many types of customers, whether they were just starting their businesses or they needed to add to their existing buildings. We can provide you with a temporary structure, or a permanent one that will last for 50, 60 years or even longer.

From A to Z

Our specialty is providing turnkey solutions to people who want modular structures. From design to occupancy, we take care of each and every facet of your project. While we’re manufacturing your building, we’ll be preparing your building site as well so, when your building is delivered, you can move in nearly immediately.

These are just a few of the aspects of modular building construction we handle.

  • Preparing and delivering architectural drawings
  • Making sure your building will comply with all local, state and national codes
  • Taking care of all necessary permits
  • Performing any sort of excavation, foundation work or grading necessary to prepare your site for your new building
  • Manufacturing of the building
  • Plumbing, mechanical and electrical system installation
  • Flooring, drywall and painting
  • Applying brick and stone masonry, or wood trim
  • Delivering the building to your site
  • Completing all utility connections
  • Installation of trim, skirting, stairs and ramps
  • Paving of parking lots and/or sidewalks
  • Downspout and gutter installation
  • Signage and landscaping installation
  • A thorough quality control check
  • Hiring a third party for a final inspection

No matter what your space limitations may be, or what other challenges you may face, we can help. We’ve manufactured modular buildings for hospitals, churches, dentists, and just about any other sort of application you can imagine.

The Flexibility of Modular Structures

If you can think of a way to use a modular building, we’ve probably helped make it happen. These are just some of the many, many ways our clients have used our structures.

  • Daycare – Children spend thousands of hours in daycare facilities, so it’s critically important that the buildings are as sturdy and reliable as possible. Our modular structures provide a safe, healthy environment that can help a child express his or her creativity.
  • MRI facilities – Many of our medical clients use modular structures to house imaging equipment, such as MRI machines. These buildings are not only attractive, they also function perfectly for many types of medical uses. Our MRI structures fulfill all of a facility’s requirements, including magnetic shielding, lead-lined windows and doors (for CT scanners), and more.
  •  Offices and administrative space – Traditional construction can lead to not only distractions, such as noise, but also potential danger. Employees often have problems concentrating when they can’t hear themselves think. We construct our buildings in our own manufacturing facilities, taking those distractions out of the equation.

Want More Information? Contact Modular Genius

The professionals at Modular Genius will be more than happy to give you whatever information you need regarding modular buildings in Frederick, MD. Our experts have a vast amount of knowledge in all areas of modular construction, and look forward to sharing it with you. Give us a call at (888) 420-1113 or contact us online to learn more about how we can help meet all your space needs.