Modular Buildings Annapolis MD

Annapolis, the Capitol of Maryland, is an 18th century seaport town where history and tradition are taken to a whole new level. Modular buildings in this bustling city on the Chesapeake Bay have provided a quick, efficient method of construction – from offices and classrooms, to swing space and permanent facilities.

Booming residential construction in Anne Arundel County, will increase demand for classrooms, office space, churches and worship centers, daycare centers, sports facilities, medical and dental offices, and other community services. The uses for modular buildings are endless, and there is no more cost-effective way to quickly get the additional space you need.

Modular Genius is an award-winning, turnkey modular building contractor. We specialize in high-quality design-to-occupancy modular buildings and have the knowledge and skills to meet your space requirements, deadlines and budget challenges. Our experienced team of designers, engineers, project managers and field superintendents can also serve as the general contractor for your project.

Why Choose Modular?

Modular buildings can stand alone or be combined to create much larger structures. They can be designed with multiple stories in excess of 100,000 SF, complete with elevators. Add modules when necessary, or move them to another location, an option that’s not available with traditional stick-built structures.

New modular buildings are also significantly less expensive – an average of 20% to 40% – than brick-and-mortar buildings. Efficient in-plant manufacturing processes keep labor costs low, and tight controls over inventory in the factory and protection from moisture and weather damage, all result in less material waste. About 80% of the pre-wiring and rough plumbing is done in the factory, reducing the need for multiple subcontractors on the jobsite (and more cost).

Modular buildings are environmentally friendly. They are durable, fire-resistant, mold-resistant and LEED-certified. Choose energy-efficient utilities, eco-friendly insulation, no-VOC or low-VOC interior wall and floor treatments, efficient automatic sensors for lights and heating systems, and other green elements, and take advantage of “green” incentives that are not available for conventional construction.


Modular classrooms and entire campuses can be designed and delivered nearly twice as fast as conventional buildings, while abiding by the same construction codes and using the same building materials. Preparation of the building site is coordinated with the manufacture of modules in the factory, which speeds up completion of the project. Many modular building projects for school campuses can be manufactured and installed in less than 90 days.


Modular buildings can be completely customized to meet your healthcare requirements. From digital imaging facilities to medical office space to testing labs to patient rooms, nothing is too large or difficult. This is the quickest way to expand the footprint of your medical center with minimal site and patient disruption. Design them as standalone buildings or as additions to your current medical facilities. An unlimited number of design options enable the modules to blend with the existing look of neighboring buildings.

Government and Military

In addition to providing new and used modular buildings throughout the U.S. for education, healthcare and commercial applications, Modular Genius also serves the United States military and government agencies. The demand for mobile military buildings, modular barracks and High Performance Federal Buildings, is growing.

Modular Genius also holds a US General Services Administration (GSA) contract, GS-07F-0124W. With this contract, we have the ability to provide the United States military and government with a better modular opportunity.

If you have been considering modular buildings in Annapolis, Maryland to solve an urgent need for more space, take a look at the Modular Genius gallery of project photos to see the wide variety of design possibilities.

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