Modular Building Manufacturers in Ann Arbor, MI

Modular Building Manufacturers in Ann Arbor, MI

Seeking modular building manufacturers to handle your urgent need for more space in Ann Arbor, MI? One of the biggest advantages of using prefabricated modular buildings to meet your space requirements is their exceptional affordability, and Modular Genius can help!

Located in Joppa, MD, Modular Genius, Inc. provides design-to-occupancy turnkey solutions for permanent and temporary commercial modular buildings for education, business, healthcare, daycare, assembly and government applications. We can also serve as general contractor for everything from architectural renderings to foundations and site preparation to final paving and landscaping.

Thanks to 3D and 4D design software, state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies, and mechanized quality control, we can create quick, easy solutions for relocatable or permanent office space at a fraction of the cost of traditional construction. We offer an unlimited number of designs and floor plans, and our buildings can be manufactured, delivered, and installed on your prepared site in a matter of weeks. 

Overall Advantages of Modular Construction

  • Completion time is 40% faster than design-bid-build construction
  • Savings of 20% to 40% and measurable financial benefits over the life of the facility
  • Can be manufactured, delivered and installed at a prepared site in a matter of weeks
  • Controlled factory environment minimizes risks from volatile weather, material shortages, vandalism and theft
  • Architectural designs to complement those of existing buildings
  • Unlimited number of designs and floor plans available
  • Can be quickly moved and reconfigured, or eliminated when no longer needed
  • Comply with the highest green building standards, including LEED® certification

For examples of the design capabilities and high quality of modular buildings, take a look at recent Modular Genius projects, such as the award-winning Barrie School modular campus,  and the modern, high-end temporary festival/event facilities built for Town Point Park in Norfolk, VA.


Relocatable modular buildings are not generally affixed to real estate. This makes them portable and reusable. They can be easily disassembled to refurbish individual modules or moved to a completely different location and repurposed.

Relocatable buildings are typically anchored to a concrete pier foundation. The crawl space is enclosed with skirting material, and decks, steps, or ramps are built for access to the exterior doors.

With proper care, temporary modular buildings have a service life of at least 25 to 30 years, after which the components are typically repurposed or recycled.


Permanent modular buildings can be installed on a concrete pier foundation in the same manner as a relocatable building, however, they are most often installed on a full perimeter foundation with an excavated crawl space, eliminating the need for skirting and decking.

When permanently affixed to real estate, they offer far greater flexibility, such as the ability to incorporate brick facings, site-built roofs, entrance canopies, interior lobbies and stairwells, elevators, glass storefronts, and custom layouts. They become virtually indistinguishable from stick-built buildings and would be very difficult (and expensive) to relocate.

With proper care, permanent modular buildings have a lifespan of at least 50 years.

When your budget is small, you’ll discover that modular building manufacturers like Modular Genius are experts in supplying solutions for any conceivable commercial, industrial, or governmental application you have in mind in Ann Arbor, MI. Contact us today at (888) 420-1113 to discuss your plans.