Portable Buildings for Sale

Portable Buildings for Sale

Whether you need a portable classroom or a temporary healthcare clinic, Modular Genius has modular buildings for sale that can handle any imaginable application.

Modular Genius, headquartered in Joppa, Maryland, is an award-winning modular builder. Thanks to today’s design and construction technologies, the modular buildings we design and manufacture for commercial, industrial, and government customers across the nation are both functional and attractive and seamlessly blend into their surroundings. 

Our service-oriented team of designers, engineers, and technicians is available to solve your space requirements efficiently and cost-effectively, lowering design and construction costs by 20% to 40% and shortening the construction timeline by approximately 40%.

If you have thought about modular construction but are afraid you’ll be disappointed by an unattractive boxy structure, take a look at the Modular Genius gallery of project photos to see the endless modular design possibilities. Our standard modular floor plans have single and multi-room options with and without restrooms.

Portable/Relocatable Modular Buildings

Portable modular buildings, also known as temporary and relocatable buildings, are designed to be reused or re-purposed multiple times and transported to different sites.

“Portable” doesn’t mean they won’t last. They are intended to serve short term and/or urgent needs and are designed for easy tear-down and relocation. With proper care, temporary modular structures have an estimated lifespan of 25 to 30 years.

The “portable” designation has more to do with how the structures are installed on the building site. These temporary buildings are not permanently affixed to real estate. They are usually anchored to a concrete pier foundation.

The crawl space is enclosed with skirting material, and decks, steps, or ramps are built for access to the exterior doors. Consequently, floor plans for these buildings may be less complex, and the interior/exterior finishes incorporate lighter materials to make the building more conducive to easy dismantling and relocation.

Portable Modular Building Solutions


Modular assembly facilities can be solid, functional designs or sophisticated showpieces, and can be configured as classrooms for bible study or Sunday school, conference centers, visitor centers, administrative offices, counseling centers, and for many other uses.

Case study: Modular Genius provided a 1,400 SF portable modular building for use for visitor information, screening, and retail sales while the White House Visitor’s Center in Washington, DC, was being rehabilitated.


Modular classrooms have a multitude of uses: classroom swing space, learning cottages, modular dormitories, daycare facilities, science labs, libraries, media centers, gymnasiums, cafeterias, and bookstores, as well as for corporate employee training centers and call centers.

Case study:  Modular Genius was contracted to design / build a relocatable modular classroom to house the biology, chemistry and engineering departments of The Hill School in Pottstown, PA, a prestigious, private boarding school. The 12,012 SF building was designed for placement on an old ice-skating rink with a concrete slab.


Consider state-of-the-art modular healthcare buildings from Modular Genius to better serve patients, doctors and hospital staff. Enlarge an emergency room or outpatient facility; add testing labs, dialysis, physical therapy, or laundry facilities. 

Case study: Modular Genius earned an Award of Distinction from the Modular Building Institute for the 3,535 sq. ft. temporary healthcare clinic for the Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center in New Orleans. The building was designed to match the visual aesthetics of the surrounding campus. 

When your budget is too small for traditional construction, you will discover portable modular buildings for sale from Modular Genius that are suitable for virtually any conceivable commercial, industrial, or governmental application you have in mind. Contact us today at (888) 420-1113 to learn more.