Gallery: Modular Fire Station Buildings

Modular Genius has supplied a countless number of modular fire station buildings for both public and private industry. These buildings can be mobile or permanent.

Modular fire station buildings are a smart, fast way to expand and offer limitless possibilities and floor plan and design options for everything from single engine storage garages to community fire stations with multiple apparatus bays, maintenance facilities, sleeping quarters, kitchen and dining areas, showers, restrooms and office space.

Our modular fire station buildings can be bolted to a concrete slab or can come pre-assembled with roof completed and walls that are hinged into place.


The standard floor plans below have single and multi-room options with or without restrooms. If you do not see what you need, we encourage you to view the custom floor plan designs created by our customers.

We manufacture modular fire station buildings in facilities across the U.S. to avoid the extra time and cost of transporting modules long distances and enable customers to meet strict deadlines.

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