Employee Spotlight – Mike Pease

How Long have you been in the Modular Industry and what roles have you held.
I started in the modular industry in May of 2004 at Mark Line Industries, a modular manufacturing facility. During my 12 years at Mark Line I held positions as a sales rep., sales manager, project manager, and general manager. I left Mark Line in 2016 and joined the dealer/contractor side of the business where I spent 18 months as a construction manager working on the “front-end” portion of the business evaluating bid packages, writing scopes of work, assembling proposals, and assisting business development with customer and/or site visits. I joined Modular Genius in October 2018 in the role of project manager. Although I still assist sales and business development from time-to-time, my primary role is executing on the projects Modular Genius is awarded and ensuring a successful project is delivered to the customer.

Favorite/Most Interesting Project
The most interesting and rewarding project I worked on during my 15 years was ironically one I’m not permitted to discuss in much detail. The customer was a well-known US Gov’t. agency with extremely high security requirements. The project generally involved a 30K SF multi-story, non-combustible building with a high-pressure HVAC system, raised computer floor, and several Sensitive Compartmentalized Information Facilities (SCIF) within the building which required numerous security measures. Coincidentally, I worked on this project with Brad Gudeman at Modular Genius while I was still at Mark Line Industries. I’m sure Brad will agree…there were countless hours of sleep lost on this project but they fail in comparison to the experience and success gained. I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Work Hard Play Hard!!! When I’m not in my office or on a job site I’m usually lost somewhere outdoors hiking, mountain biking, kayaking, or off-roading (unless my wife or 3 kids have other plans for me!!).