Modular Building

Modular Genius has supplied a countless amounts of modular building and prefabricated structures for both public and private industry. A modular building can mobile or permanent. It can be used for a multitude of purposes; professional offices, field offices, administrative support, modular swing space etc. The modular buildings are a smart, fast way to expand with limitless possibilities and options of floor plans and designs.

Our standard floor plans below have single and multi room options with or without restrooms. If you do not see what you want you can view a variety of custom floor plan designs created by our customers to fit their specific needs.

Our modular buildings are built at one of our manufacturing facilities closest to your site.

Please contact us if you want to discuss your specific project further 888-420-1113.


Building Use


Floor plans for Permanent and temporary modular churches, modular synagogue buildings, modular temple buildings, modular assembly halls, modular libraries, and modular cafeterias.



Floor plans for permanent modular office buildings and temporary mobile offices and modular administrative buildings.



Floor plans for permanent and temporary modular day care facilities for early child hood and all ages.



Floor plans for permanent and temporary modular housing, modular bunk houses, modular dormitories and modular living quarters.



Floor Plans for education. Modular Schools, Relocatable Classrooms, Modular Classroom Complexes, double wide trailers and mult section modular classroom buildings for adult education, worship and after school activities.



Floor Plans for permanent and temporary Scale Houses, Guard Houses, Press Boxes and Equipment Shelters.



Floor plans for permanent and temporary modular dental clinics, modular eye clinics, modular OBGYN buildings, Modular ASAP facilities and modular hospitals.


Modular Walls

Floor Plans for permanent and temporary pre-fabricated Modular Wall Partitions for Interior applications such as warehouses and buildings.


Work Camps

Floor plans for permanent and temporary housing such as bunk houses, hotel and motel for Work Camps.


Custom Modular Buildings


Templates - Sketch your own floor plan

If you would perfer to sketch your own floor plan please use these modular building floor plan templates.

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